Every year, numerous vehicles are stolen around the world. Of these, only a few are actually traced back, often with many missing components. Thieves are getting increasingly smart, and devising new ways every day to steal cars. To help protect your car against theft, Mymyancar.com brings you some useful tips.

  • Always lock your car: Make it a practice to lock your car as soon as you step out of it. Don’t assume that it is okay to keep your car unlocked if it is just a few meters away from you. Check and re-check the locks of all the doors including the car trunk.

  • Check the windows: Whenever you park your car, even in your own driveway, check that all the windows are rolled up before you leave. 

  • Do not keep valuables inside your car: Try not to leave valuables like jewellery, cash or laptops inside your car. It is motivation enough for a thief to break in. And if he breaks in, chances are that he would go all the way and take the whole car. If it is absolutely necessary to keep the valuables in the car, make sure that they are out of sight. 

  • Keep track of your keys: Do not leave spare keys where anyone can access it easily. Try not to hand over the keys to unknown people for parking, etc. Give your keys to only those people whom you can trust.

  • Park at a safe place: Always park in a well-lit area, as thieves like to work in isolated and dark spots where people wouldn’t notice them. Parking close to building entrances and near parking lot security cameras can also help deter thieves.

  • Carry the documents with you: Do not leave your documents such as driving license, registration of your car (RC), insurance documents, etc. inside the car. The documents can help the thief impersonate you and get away with the car. Always carry the originals with you. 

  • Install anti-theft devices: Anti-theft devices like alarms, dash-cams, steering wheel locks and immobilizers can help keep your car safe. Thieves usually look for easy targets  that they can get quickly without drawing attention to themselves. Anti-theft devices can be a great deterrent in such cases.

  • Take advantage of auto recovery systems: Employing an auto-theft recovery system can help track your car and get it back. GPS enabled tracking tools help locate your vehicle and enable law enforcement agencies to take quick action. Some tools also enable you to block your car’s ignition remotely. 

Last but not the least, be vigilant and alert at all times. 

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